About us

Welcome to Laenlampi ranch! We’re a family business from Rovaniemi,offering fun things to do all year round with horses. You can try horse riding on the snowy hill, try to do arctic horseback archery or just meet our national finnhorses. You can also see magical midnight sun or northern lights!

Taking care of nature and animals is really important to us. That’s how we make sure you have real and good experiences here in Laenlampi.

We want to be a company that gives you safe and real experiences. Our guides are professional and really good at what they do.

Our horses

Finnhorses Kukkis and Vuokko (foal), Helmi and Rakka (foal) and our breeding stallion Kuulas
Finnhorse Into, Estonian draft Väinö and Norwegian fjord horses Ronja and Sarakka

Let us share the story of our amazing horses. Most of our herd comprises Finnhorses, which are like national treasures here in Finland. We take great care in raising and supporting these horses because they’re a significant part of our country’s history. These Finnhorses are tough, versatile companions, perfect for various tasks, and they absolutely adore exploring the forests.

Alongside our Finnhorses, we have Fjord horses from Norway. Throughout history, traveling across Lapland often involved journeys on horseback, and during one of these journeys to Rovaniemi, a few Fjord horses joined our family.

Our Finnhorses and Fjord horses aren’t just animals to us – they’re part of our family and our story. They symbolize the heritage of traveling through Lapland, and they play a crucial role in the experiences we offer. Whether it’s guiding you through scenic trails or sharing their gentle nature, our horses are an integral part of our adventure here in Rovaniemi. They’re more than just animals; they’re companions on our journey and a part of the wonderful memories we create.

All our horses live together in big open forest stables where they can freely go in and out. During winter, they always have hay and water available, eating hay helps them stay warm. To make sure that horses stay happy and rested, every horse gets 1-2 days off every week without any customer contact. Also, they have a few weeks off during the year to relax. Also in the summer, we have large fields for horses.

We believe that our horses’ health and happiness are the most important things to us. We work hard to give them a good life and a safe place to live where they can be themselves and enjoy being horses.

owners and Guides

Our stable and home at 2021 february
Suvi & Valtteri weddings 2023, and Kuulas the first horse

Laenlampi Ranch story began in 2020 when the owners accidentally bought their first horse, a 1-year-old Finnish horse colt named Kuulas. Unwilling to keep the horse at an urban stable, a move to the countryside became essential. While searching for their current home, Suvi’s former employer suggested entrusting their horses to Suvi and Valtteri’s care. Thus, based on a single phone call, the ”Laenlampi ranch” project was born. Amidst the pandemic, in seven weeks, Suvi and Valtteri built a stable for the horses, established a website, formed a company, and initiated marketing efforts.

By the summer of 2021, the estate was fully booked with three client horses. Since then, they have steadily expanded the business, focusing on creating authentic, locally-rooted small-group activities with the well-being of the animals at the forefront, supporting the local community.

Suvi is an idealistic entrepreneur and leader passionate about Finnish horses, doubling as a social media influencer and horse trainer. Having been involved with horses from a young age, Suvi moved from southern to northern Finland in pursuit of photography in 2019, eventually becoming a devoted hostess of a Lapland home.

Valtteri, the other owner of the ranch, primarily oversees machinery, repairs, and construction. He adores driving horses in a sleigh and indulges in horseback archery. While leading some riding treks, he finds more enjoyment in restoration projects.

In addition to the owners, the estate employs a handful of staff who assist in the day-to-day tasks and guiding activities for visitors.

Laenlampi name came from this little lake near by stable