Horse riding Rovaniemi

We sell our Winter activities now in Ranch Kuulas!

Horse riding in Rovaniemi, Summertime riding is magical experience at finnish lapland. Do you want to see magical midnight sun, arctic nature, riding to the hills and meet arctic horses? If you say yes, you would love to visit our local farm! We have ten horses, sheeps and dogs at our farm. There you can see how we live together with the arctic nature.

horse riding in rovaniemi, lapland. Horse and girl in riding on the lake

Horse riding experiences

In our farm, you can ride in the beautiful arctic nature. Do you want climbing to the hills with horses, watching the breathtaking views to the lakes, riding at the night time under the magical midnight sun? If you want to book midnight sun experiences, same time you can book our lovely wilderness cottage with finnish sauna (it is very finnish thing to sleep there, but you need a little bit adventures mindset).

All experiences including

  • Horse riding with guide
  • Riding helmet
  • Short lesson how to ride (beginners)
  • Mini tour at the farm (meet sheeps, horses and dogs)

Activities time with no snow

Horse riding to Laenlampi hill

Duration: 2h
Price: 80€
Group size: Min. 2prs max. 7 prs
May to November

Midnight sun riding to the hill

Duration: 2h
Price: 95€
Group size: Min. 2prs max. 7 prs
May to August

First horse riding experience

Duration: 1,5h
Price: 55€
Group size: Min. 2prs max. 7 prs
May to November

Horse riding over the hills

Duration: 4h
Price: 150€
Group size: Min. 2prs max. 6 prs
June to October

Horse riding whole day at wilderness area

Duration: 6h
Price: 250€
Group size: Min. 2prs max. 6 prs
June to September

Other activities

If you are interesting the overnight tours, don’t hesitate to ask!

Questions and Answers

How I can book the riding tours?

  • You can book the riding tours in whatsapp (+358 44 513 0720) or email info (at) Let me know if you are interesting to make some riding tour, tell which time is the best and then we can book that if it is okay.

                           What is the trail riding?

  • Trail riding is riding in the forest. All most everybody can do that. You don’t need riding skills, you can be a beginner. We riding on the forest and hills. Our guide riding on the first, or walking if you are beginner. Our horses walking on the line and following guide´s horse.

                           How I can cancel the bookings?

  • If you can´t came, we need to know that 48 hours before the tour starts. Send a message on whatsapp or email, and I confirm the cancellation. If you can´t cancel the bookings, you have to pay and you can ask you own travel insurance.

                           How I can pay the activities?

  • You can pay the activities with card or cash.

                           Where is the stable and how I can come there?

  • Stable is in the Rovaniemi. Our street address is Sodankyläntie 5733. You need a car when you are coming in the stable.

                           What I need when I come to riding?

  • You need sport wears. Good trousers are collage pants, leggings or riding pants. Always you need long sleeve shirt. Good shoes are shoes with a heel. In summer you may need a mosquito poison. Helmets waiting on the stable.

                           Which breed is your horses are?

  • Our horses are Norwegian Fjord horses and Finnhorses. They all are easy horses for beginners and they are sure-footed. They moving always in the forest.

                           What is the okay-weight for your horses?

  • Maximum weight is 95kg

                           Which languages guiding is possible?

  • Guiding is possible in English and Finnish.


Email: info (at)
Phone: +358 44 513 0720
Adress: Sodankyläntie 5733

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