At Laenlammen Farm, we are dedicated to providing unforgettable experiences while respecting the environment, local culture, and the welfare of animals.

We have started on the path towards STF (Sustainable Travel Finland) and Green Activities certifications.

Sustainable Tourism

We commit to sustainable tourism by minimizing the environmental impact of our operations. We use renewable energy sources. We design our tours and services in a way that supports the preservation of the local nature and promotes ecological awareness.

Animal Welfare

Animals are part of our family. Our horses and other farm animals enjoy a well-being that is based on species-appropriate care and respect. Our horses live in species-typical group paddocks with other herd members. We regularly train our staff in best practices for animal welfare.

Support for the Local Community

We value Lappish culture and strive to promote the use of local services and products. We employ local residents and collaborate with local businesses to offer authentic Lappish experiences and support the local economy.

Continuous Learning and Development

We encourage our team to continuously learn and develop in the field of sustainability. We regularly participate in trainings and seminars focused on innovations in sustainable development and best practices in the tourism industry.

Explore our story and join us on our journey towards a more responsible and sustainable future.